4 treatments of Exotropia you should know


As discussed previously on the Tip-Off segment, Exotropia is a misalignment of the eyes that includes abnormal eye movement or trouble managing eye movement. With this we will be looking into treatments for the eye defect Exotropia.

Treatment of Exotropia

Treatment of Exotropia varies, depending on the soverity of the conditions and desires of the person that has it. However intermittent exotropia stays mild and goes away by itself according to a research as published in an article from Cleveland clinic published on the 5th of June 2022.

Eye exercises: This can work well when you have a form of Exotropia called Convergence Insuficiency also known as CI. CI deals mainly with double or blurry vision and exercising the eye can correct it (medical eye exercises)

Corrective lenses: Your medical provider may prescribe eyes glasses or contact lense to correct infractive error and help improve alignment of the eye

Eye patching: The stronger eye get covered so the weaker eyes gets stronger in people with amblyopia

Surgery: Surgery can be done to loosen or tighten muscle from one or both eye. And it may also serve to boost your self confidence if you feel self conscious of your eyes wandering in social situations. Like it can boost your morale in social gatherings where your eyes are misaligning.

When to see a doctor

Always check out for one of these signs to stay safe from Exotropia:

  • When you feel eye pain
  • When you have double vision
  • When you feel blurry vision
  • Headaches
  • Motion sickness

In conclusion, untreated Exotropia can lead to poor vision in one or both eye. Without treatment one may loose ability to see with both eye and have difficulty with your depth perception according to an article published from Cleveland clinic. If experiencing recurrence of Exotropia you will need follow up appointment with your medical provider.