Who Are They Serving As They Amass Wealth With Strategy? God Or Desire?


Contentious Malawian pastor, Shepherd Bushiri definitely loves being in the spotlight. As you will recall, he recently bought a G-Wagon for his wife, a month after she bought a Rolls Royce for him, lavishing, right? Indeed.
Stepping in to the news once more, controversial pastor Bushiri has just released customized ATM cards for his church members to use in paying tithe and offerings. What can we say? Such is the world we live in today; strange things no longer seem strange. But then one question keeps pounding in my heart as I try wrapping my head around this menace eroding the religion ‘Christianity’. Do these so-called men of God have even the slightest fear of God.
Without even taking a critical look at the trend, you see that churches which are supposed to be the base or foundation in which followers and society in general build prudence, character and empathy, are now profit driven. Now it is all about how great the pastor is and how much wealth they can amass. Now, one question rings like an alarming bell in our ears, who are these pastors serving? God or their desires.





By: D voice