These 4 causes of Vascular Dementia will interest you


Hey fellow, not all headache is caused by stress, not all  head hit is a minor thing. You need to take care of your brain too, it can be infected and can shut down. So if you don’t want that, take that time to check out your brain with the doctor. So with this, we will look into what a Vascular Dementia is.

Vascular Dementia

Vascular dementia is a general term describing problems with reasoning, planning, judgment, memory and other thought processes caused by brain damage from impaired blood flow to your brain as published by Mayo Clinic on July 29th 2021.

Causes: Vascular dementia is caused by a narrowing or blockage in the blood vessels that provide blood to your brain. This reduced blood flow deprives your brain of much-needed oxygen, which can damage your brain very quickly. These conditions include;

Brain haemorrhage

Often caused by high blood pressure weakening a blood vessel leading to bleeding into the brain causing damage or from buildup of protein in small blood vessels occurring with aging weakening them over time (cerebral amyloid angiopathy)

Narrowed or chronically damaged brain blood vessels

Conditions that narrow or inflict long-term damage on your brain blood vessels also can lead to vascular dementia. These conditions include the wear and tear associated with aging, high blood pressure, abnormal aging of blood vessels (atherosclerosis), diabetes


This condition is accumulating fats that can block the flow of blood from the blood vessels thereby causing damaged or buildup of calories in the brain blood vessel according to a research published on Healthdirect in June 2021.

Inherited Dementia

Some disorders that cause dementia can run in families. Doctors often suspect an inherited cause if someone younger than 50 has symptoms of dementia according to an article Stanford Medicine published on July 2021.

In conclusion, Vascular Dementia tends to get worse over time. But it is sometimes possible to slow it down if necessary medication is put in place. However, a visit to the doctor is important to always check for possible development of Vascular Dementia.