Symptoms and 4 major treatments of Hyperdontia


In our previous article, we broke down the topic Hyperdontia and further expatiated on the major causes. In this article today, we look at 4 major treatments of Hyperdontia according to a published work by NewMouth on December 14, 2022. Before we proceed, here are some symptoms to look out for.


Hyperdontia does not typically cause pain, however if the teeth are overcrowded swelling or pain in mouth and other complications around the extra tooth will come in. Others are

  • Crowded teeth
  • Cannot grow teeth properly
  • Have difficulty brushing teeth
  • Sudden sharp pain in the mouth

Treatment of Hyperdontia

X-ray: X-rays are often taken to assess supernumerary teeth and determine if they are impacted or erupted. Also to know the heath status of your teeth.

Extraction: If supernumerary teeth are partially or fully erupted, they maye easily be extracted. However, extraction comes in two ways which are natural tooth extraction or Oral surgery. After extraction orthodontic treatment or traditional braces are required for the best solution as they correct mild and tooth alignment issues according to an article from published on August 29,2017.

Braces: Crooked teeth are often occur in people with extra teeth, since the supernumerary teeth push the others out of line. Fixed braces consist of metal or clear brackets  which are attached to the teeth and connected with wires and bands. They gradually move the teeth to the desired position, with regular adjustment at the dentist.

Fillings, Crowns and Veneers: The extra teeth in the roof of your mouth or gum can cause damage to the surrounding teeth therefore a tooth filling will be used to plug any  small cavities , a crown can cover a teeth that has been affected by decay  and a veneer can be used to cover misshapen teeth that might result from Hyperdontia according to an article from published on 22nd August, 2019.

In conclusion, having Hyperdontia isn’t something that should be a big worry, even though the idea of an extra teeth growing in the mouth is strange.  So if one notices an extra teeth or other uncomfortable signs, always make sure to visit the Dentist for proper treatment.