A beard is more than just a cool facial accessory, it is also a life-saving device. Guys keeps beards for the sake of fashion and probably to attract ladies who love a guy with a beard. Some don’t keep even when they are naturally gifted because they conclude it could be itchy. Some just like it dries all the time. It lessens signs of aging. With lesser sun exposure, you can actually continue to look younger – unlike the guys who do not go for beards. Some guys feel beards make them look older. I feel like some younger guys keep beards to cover up bad skin or acne just make a canopy to your face’s forest floor. Beards may not necessarily attract a girl anyway.

How long does it take to grow a beard?

Some are of the opinion that beards are nothing more than a ‘bacterial sponge. It harbours more germs because facial hair is courser than other hair. Or having facial hair can lead to more frequent skin infections. How true


Prevents Skin Cancer

Recent researches have shown that 95 per cent of UV rays from the sun are blocked by beards. thick beards are capable of blocking out 95 percent of the UV rays from the sun. when the sun is high in the sky, such as the hot periods of an afternoon, facial hair had the least effect…Overexposure to UV light is considered to be the main cause of both non-melanoma skin cancer and melanomas. The thicker the hair, the better! But that that does not mean your beard is now your protection against high SPF sunscreen, which should always be worn to protect the skin from sun damage and skin cancer.’

Besides keeping the sun out of your face, exposure to UV rays can cause cancer

It Reduces Asthma And Allergy Symptoms

If you suffer from pollen or dust allergy or even asthma, facial hair actually helps by working as a filter and prevent the allergens from settling. This is not much different from nasal hair. Allowing your beard to grow and taking proper care of your beard encourages healthy skin unlike shaving which helps to spread the bacteria that causes acne.

It prevents/Avert (Stave Off) Illness

During cold has a way of keeping you warm and can actually help you battle colds as well. The longer the beard, the better insulation you get! When you combine a beard with a moustache, you get twofold protection that a clear-faced male cannot get. You could rely on your beards to help you stay warm and protect your faces against the harsh weather

Prevents Other Bacterial Infections

Unlike shaving, when you have a beard, the pores in your skin are naturally protected against any bacteria that may try to get in and cause an infection. There, if you keep a beard, you would not have to worry about infection of the hair follicles that could leave spots on your face with a beard because folliculitis infections (ingrowths) are caused by regular shaving. Be done with that, and be done with such problems as well!


The next time someone tries to tell you that your beard needs to go, all you need to do is remind them that your beard gives you a longer life and healthier skin. But the diversity of facial hair growth depends on genetics. You might think men who can grow a beard have a higher testosterone level, but in reality, most men have about the same level of testosterone.  Do not feel back if you are gifted with a beard. Your beard says a lot about you. To those who are gifted, always keep it neat