Ganglion Cyst: What it is and causes you should know


Do you know that swell on the wrist that looks like you hit your head on the door and Koko come out? Yes, the one on your wrist! I know you don’t know the name so that’s why I’m here to tell you that it is called Ganglion cyst.

What is Ganglion cyst? Ganglion cyst are lumps or a collection of fluid that often appear along the tendons or joints. It usually appears on these part of the body wrist, feet, ankles, fingers and knees. also always look out for these signs to know it’s ganglion cyst: pain or tingling, muscle weakness, a pinched nerve. All these on the swollen parts according to an article from WebMD, published on 5th Nov 2022

Causes of Ganglion Cyst

Continuos Micro Injury

Repetitive injury to the supporting capsular and ligaments structure appears to produce hyaluronic acid which accumulates the fluid in the swell part. This is according to an article from Cleveland published on 23rd Nov 2020


This is the Inflamation of the joints that may affect one joints or multiple joints, which causes pains , swelling and stiffness. This is according to an article from Healthline clinic published on  8th May 2023


According a theory , it suggests that trauma the tissues of the joints to breakdown thereby forming small cyst that then join into a larger or more obvious mass. This is gotten from an article from WebMD published on 5th Nov 2022

Age / Gender

Ganglion cyst can occur for anyone at any age but are more common in females than male and also in females from age 20-40. this is according to an article from Spire Healthcare published in October 2018.

In conclusion, if your cyst isn’t bothering you, your doctor may tell you to keep an eye on it and be in touch if anything changes as many cyst can disappear without any treatment at all. But above all always contact your medical provider for any swell on the joints and tendons in your body.