Maintaining Mental Wellbeing During This Covid-19 Pandemic


Hey guys! How are you holding up this period? Don’t worry, the world will get well pretty soon if we keep protecting our health and keep staying safe. Let’s talk mental wellbeing during this pandemic. Our psychological well-being is very important as the coronavirus crisis has brought about a lot of restrictive measures across the globe. “Isolation, physical distancing, the closure of schools and workplaces are challenges that affect us, and it is natural to feel stress, anxiety, fear and loneliness at this time,” said the director of the European branch of the WHO, Hans Kluge

A WHO’s mental health expert, Aiysha Malik also believes that health workers and children are among the groups psychologically most-affected by Covid-19. Therefore, let’s keep staying at home or/and wearing our face mask to encourage our health workers who are working tirelessly in helping to contain the outbreak and give adequate  psychological support to the children by making them understand how to stay calm this period of global crisis. According to behavioral psychologists, this crisis could generate symptoms of depression and the likes while Experts also agree that it is important to consider the effects of this pandemic on the mental health of people – while providing psychological support for the general public.

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We at the Box show value and make it a priority to always encourage anything that will improve our listeners’ health and this is why we have come up with the following tips that could help you and your family maintain your mental well-being this pandemic: 

  1. Do not subject yourself to the negative impact of COVID-1:  Feelings of anxiety and uncertainty are completely normal during times like this especially when we feel very uncertain about what could happen in the coming weeks. But things can get better as efforts are being made to find a cure or vaccine across the world. Ensure to adhere to best preventive measures including social distancing and wearing a face mask to slow the spread of this pandemic.
  2. Talk to the kids about COVID-19: Make them understand why they don’t need to shake or hug anyone this period to prevent contracting the virus and ensure that they have an understanding of the pandemic including causes and effects. Don’t make them feel panic about it by avoiding unpleasant detail. Remember a child’s age affects their way of reacting and processing an event. They are dependent on the adults’ ability to be present and support as well as help to process information
  3. Eat well, sleep well and work out well inside your house. Don’t feel fearful, sad, angry and helpless because you are indoor. Make the best of this period with your family. Engage with your children in various indoor fun activities and keep in touch with their friends and family via telephone, email or social media
  4. Listen To The News:  Rumor or speculation can fuel anxiety and can be confusing and stressful which can affect our mental health. If someone tells you something very panicky about COVID-19 outside what you know. Be sure to always look forward to the news on the same subject before you draw your conclusion. You can as well read about it on more credible news site. Google is always your friend

Visit www.theboxshowafrica for more and remember COVID-19 is real! Make safety your priority this period through these directives given by the world health organisations:

  • Wash your hands frequently and thoroughly with soap;
  • Cover your face when you cough or sneeze, either with a tissue that you immediately dispose of, or with your elbow;
  • Wear your face mask in public, avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth;
  • Clean surfaces and objects you touch often;


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