Getting rid of dark armpits [Healthfully]

Because of this, you become extremely cautious in gatherings, you might also find it difficult to wear outfits that might be exposing your underarm because of how dark it has become.

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Here are 5 quick remedies for helping you get of rid dark underarms.

1. Sliced cucumbers

Just take a slice or two and place them underneath your arm and leave for about 5 to 8 minutes after which you can rinse it off with water.
For effective results, make this a weekly habit.

2. Aloe vera Gel

Aloe vera seems to be the solution to almost everything.

The anti-bacterial in it, makes it possible for it to be able to solve almost any skin condition.

Applying aloe vera to your underarm regularly will help make your underarm smooth and also get rid of the dark patches.

3. Apple Vinegar Cider

There is a lot of amino acid and lactic acid in apple vinegar and they they help to get rid of dead skin cells.

These acids present in apple vinegar acid also helps to unclog the pores in your underarm.

Apply this to your underarm and watch it lighten and become smooth.

4. Baking Soda and Lemon scrub

Baking soda does a lot of magic, it acts as a good exfoliating product and also gets rid of dark underarm.

For effective result, create a scrub by mixing it with some lemon and apply to your underarm and scrub effectively.

You need to be consistent to achieve the best result.

5. Tea Tree Oil and water

Tea tree oil is an excellent remedy for getting rid of very dark underarm.

Using tea tree oil mixed with water regularly will help you get rid of the dark pats of your underarm and also eliminates any odor that might exist there