Happy New Year once again guys! Today I’ll be more emphatic about how to have a better health this brand new year if not best. Basically, this is what we do throughout the year on this segment. We give you practicable tips that you may want to adapt into your daily life.

Make use of every brand new moment to work on yourself for the better. As a matter of fact, you necessarily do not need a New Year to improve on your health but it’s important we talk about it. You just never know might take this seriously.

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So we don’t have to talk medical all the time. Simple life hacks could just be the thing. So here is the thing.

Eat on a schedule. 

Sometimes we are so busy that we get to skip meals or ignore our hunger cues. When we do this we force our bodies to run off of fumes. Listen to your body when it says it’s hungry and grab something to feed it with. I think I’ve improved on my feeding style in the last two months especially breakfast. I try to wake up early and make something ready within an hour. Try as much as possible to avoid breakfast or meals that get you sleepy during hours. For me it’s beverage so I don’t do it at all in the morning. Know what’s good for you.

Reduce Your Social Media Duration.

Some can be on their phone lying in bed all day as long as there’s data. Guy, Babe this is bad. You got to limit your screen time in general: phone, TV, games, Laptop. I am trying hard to on Laptop as well. At least 5 days a week, I’m constantly on my laptop researching and scripting. Lately colleagues have started telling me to get a pair of  just because I’ve started squinting. You should understand that apart from vision, spending too much time on electronic devices — particularly on social media — has been linked to depression, anxiety, and loneliness in some studies. You know what I mean. The fake live people live on there. Why not cut back on the time you spend watching series online, TV, or playing computer games to help boost your mood and enhance productivity.

Binge More On Fruit.

My rate card on this 3 over 10. Not even half of the mark. Someone like me use to say fruit is better for those working on their weight. Alas! I’ve been such an ignorant. It actually depends on the kind of fruit. Fruit helps boost appetite. Now imagine either of this for sometime who doesn’t always have appetite and someone who really wants to trim down. So do the right one for yourself.

Drink a lot of water

You to drink a lot of water this New Year if you are the type that would ordinarily opt for sugary drink on a good day. Yes we need them sometimes but not at all times especially when the urge is to drink some water basically. Get a water bottle thrust it in your lunch bag or just put it somewhere in your car on your way to work. Water does a lot of magic to our body. It helps to flush out unwanted stuff in our system apart from helping to digest regulate body temperature and creating saliva.  Drink more reasonable amount this new year for better health and for healthier you.

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