Newly married woman shares her testimony and wedding photos


A newly married Ghanaian single mother, Akasi Andoh took to a prayer group on Facebook to share her testimony after getting married.

Posting photos from her traditional wedding, Akasi Andoh, who described hersef as a “single mum, fat with stretch marks” said one does not need to be perfect to find love.

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“My Amen was not in vain…
you see I was a little skeptical about this social media “Amen” but I did it anyway and now here I am
God has laid a very huge table in front me in the presence of my enemies
I’m 35yrs,a single mum,fat with stretch marks and God still found me worthy
To all my single sisters here,you don’t need to be perfect before somebody loves you,yours is on the way coming don’t give up.
love from Ghana”
 she wrote

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