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How about some DMX vibe on the #AOTW today! DMX should have chance to be heard musically again. He was the hottest rapper alive back in 1998. There was a time when the three biggest rappers in the world were Jay Z, Eminem, and DMX. He was a hip-hop powerhouse back in the day. It’s various reports that DMX almost immediately after he became a star, he was making headlines for bad behavior. There were drug and weapons possession arrests, and charges of animal cruelty. But surely someone like Mr Roy can’t get his music off my head. I was asking myself the other time whether DMX’s rap was just about violence and redemption. Why do many think DMX is dead by the way? Just stay right here as we go together on DMX’s musical journey on the show today!

Unlike most rappers, X was already in his late twenties before he achieved superstardom. DMX was a very big hip-hop star. Rumors just spread online back in 2018 about the rapper DMX’s alleged drug overdose. There was also some sort of Facebook post/prank that was widely-shared about him dead in 2018 which made the internet go agog. Meanwhile, reports had it that, he was incarcerated at the Gilmer Federal Correctional Institution in Glenville, West Virginia in February or March 2018.” DMX is not dead.

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True that! As of September 23rd DMX was working on new music for Def Jam Recordings.  I read a fact checking report by where DMX’s lawyer Murray Richman was contacted in February 2018 confirming “his client is alive and well”. The website also confirmed the prank you spoke about earlier. It revealed the name of who posted the prankDMX death in February 2018. It was one TyroneWilliams – a Facebook user. He said the post was a fake, pointing out that he had not (technically speaking) claimed DMX was dead. Now that it’s been reiterated that the American artist in the history of the Billboard 200 to reach #1 with his first five albums is out of Prison in January 2019 (this year), let’s talk about his journey into music. Shall we?

Dark Man X was born Earl Simmons on December 18, 1970 (about 49) in Mount Vernon, New York. When he was 5, his family settled in Yonkers, New York. He didn’t have a very fantastic childhood due to an abusive relationship with his parents. He suffered greatly from bronchial asthma as a child. At the end of the fifth grade, DMX was kicked out of school and sent to the Children’s Home for 18 months. His mother also sent him to a boys’ home where his love for hip-hop music began. Over there, he would perform for his friends. Then he was encouraged to pursue music. When he was 14, DMX began wandering the streets of Yonkers to escape his mother’s abuse.

At 18, he started out as a beat boxer. He later met a local rapper who was impressed with beatboxing skills. They became partners.  He would beatbox for Ready Ron –the local rapper and that was how DMX got his start in the music industry in 1984. He then chose the name “DMX” which he later interpreted as “Dark Man X”. In 1988, after he was back again in prison, began taking rapping more seriously. When he was released, he began producing and selling his own mixtapes and built a local fan base all over New York. In 1992, DMX was signed to labels with Columbia Records’ Ruffhouse and released his first single “Born Loser”. It wasn’t such a hit and the label eventually agreed to release DMX off their contract.

In 1994, he dropped his second single, “Make a Move” and made a guest appearance alongside Jay Z, Ja Rule, and Mic Geronimo on tracks like “Time to Build” among other music videos.  DMX finally made it to the top with his single “Get at Me Dog” in February 1998. He then dropped his 1st and 2nd albums: “It’s Dark and Hell Is Hot” and Flesh of My Flesh, Blood of My Blood that same year 1998.

No. 4 – Get at Me Dog – Rated Gold by the RIAA – Recording Industry Association of America in 1998)

MCM how would you feel seeing your two albums debuted on the Billboard all at once for almost a month?  DMX 2nd album was Platinum four times and peaked at #1 on the Billboard 200 in 1998. Even his DMX 3rd and best-selling album … And Then There Was X which he released in December 1999 debuted at #1 on the Billboard 200.  His 3rd album was certified six-times Platinum. C’mon!

Yeah! DMX most popular single, “Party Up”, is from that album. There other great hits off that album talking “What’s My Name?” “What These Bitches Want”. Party Up is on our #1 spot already. Wait for it guys!

Yeah definitely! DMX returned to studio and dropped his 4th album -The Great Depression in October 2001 after improving his legal situation. DMX had served a 15-day jail sentence for possession of marijuana and for driving without a license. Though debuted at #1 on the Billboard 200 as usual even certified triple Platinum but commercially it was lower than his 3rd album. His 5th album, Grand Champ, came through in 2003. It also debuted at #1 on the Billboard 200 charts. Now you know how DMX became the only musical artist in history to release five consecutive albums.

Actually one of the singles (“Who We Be”) on his 4th album got nominated at the Grammys as well as MTV video music award in 2002. We jam that on #3. There are great singles on Grand Champ too. DMX actually announced that he planned to retire after his fifth album; that the album would be his final album. Did he release any afterwards? You find out after 3 and 2!

No. 3: Who We Be – Off DMX’s 4th studio album -The Great Depression. Nominated for two awards: Grammys and MTV Video music award in 2002

No. 2: Bain Iz Back – A January 2017 produced by Swizz Beats

Bonus (“X Gon’ Give It to Ya”-2003 song featured in the 2016 film Deadpool and in its trailers). (Ruff Ryders’ Anthem – 1998 was nominated at the 1999 MTV VMA Best Rap Video)

DMX has been our #AOTW. He was the first American rapper in history to see his first five albums consecutively debut at #1 on the billboard 200. DMX  was on top of the world until he wasn’t. He appears to have seen a lot throughout his 28-year rap career. He actually did not retire after the 5th album in 2003. DMX signed to Columbia Records in January 2006. He recorded his 6th album, Year of the Dog…Again and released 2006. He missed the #1 Billboard spot this time. SAD!

He also released two more singles. In 2009, DMX claimed he wanted to go into preaching in New Jersey while would continue to produce music. Though, there was a noticeable gap from 2006. MTV reported that he had semi-retired to study the Bible more in an effort to give messages behind the pulpit. Reports had it that he was back to his incarceration. But he had completed a Gospel album prior that. Interesting, in 2011, DMX released 7th album Undisputed. He also released The Weigh In EP in 2012. He signed to Seven Arts Music for a two-album deal but his exit from the label was announced sometime ago by his manager due to controversy over his last album (8th album) of 2015 Redemption of the Beast. There was the claim that the label dropped the album without acquiring a legal artist contract.

In June 2016 DMX released “Blood Red”. He released the song on #2 in January 2017 and as of last month on 20th September 2019, it was officially announced that DMX had signed a new record deal with Def Jam, reuniting with the label for the first time since his 2003 album Grand Champ.

ALBUMS: It’s Dark and Hell Is Hot (1998), Flesh of My Flesh, Blood of My Blood (1998),… And Then There Was X (1999), The Great Depression (2001), Grand Champ (2003), Year of the Dog… Again (2006), Undisputed (2012).

AWARD & NOMINATION: is name has been identified with the following awards: Grammy Awards, BET Awards, MTV Movie + TV Awards, MTV Video Music Awards (VMA), Soul Train Awards. “…And Then There Was X” of 2003 was nominated at the 2001 Grammy Awards in the category Best Rap Album

DMX Facts:

– DMX has sold millions of hip-hop records. He starred in movies and television shows like “Third Watch” and movies including “Never Die Alone,” etc

– In 2013, DMX embarked on a world tour with performances in Bulgaria and Kosovo

– His stage name was coined after he started playing the musical instrument the Oberheim DMX drum machine in the 80s. The name was later expanded and re-construed as “Dark Man X”.

– DMX has been in and out of detention centers, jails, and prisons for more than 30 years. According to reports, in November 2018, DMX was reportedly pleaded guilty to one count of tax fraud.

– His favorite newer artists are, X’s answer was simple: “Kendrick [Lamar] is dope. J. Cole.

No. 1 – Party Up: Nominated at the Grammys 2000 – Best Rap Solo Performance; was nominated at the MTV Video Music Awards in 2000 – Best Rap Video

We may never know the whole truth regarding what happened, but we know that X has a long, hard history. We may never see another DMX album or another blockbuster DMX movie, but we could one day see a healthy DMX. Visit

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