Russia’s ‘sexiest poker player’ is found dead in her bathroom after suspected electrocution while charging her phone


A 26-year-old woman dubbed Russia’s  ‘sexiest poker player’ has been found dead from a suspected massive electric shock in her bathroom.

Liliya Novikova had been alone at home and her body was discovered on the floor of her bathroom in Moscow.

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She is believed to have been charging her phone or another device in the bathroom when she was electrocuted.

Ms Novikova was highly skilled with numbers with a first class degree in engineering from a top Russian university.

They asked a neighbour to check the apartment, and her body was found on the bathroom floor.

The Russian Investigative Committee said: ‘During the first checks of young woman’s dead body, signs of electric shock trauma were registered.’

Some reports say the device, thought to be her phone, was ‘faulty’ but others say she died because she banged her head as a result of the electric shock.

A postmortem is to be held.

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