Experiencing Painful Sex? This Is What Your Body May Be Trying To Say To You

So many women have come to the conclusion that pain during sex is completely normal. We have been convinced that sex is something men take and we sacrifice. As a result, we normalize pain as the price we pay for their pleasure.

Sex shouldn’t hurt, ever. Even first-time sex can be completely pain-free. When you take things slow and ensure you’re well lubricated, having sex for the first time shouldn’t be excruciating. So there isn’t an excuse for experiencing pain during sex.

Why sex shouldn’t hurt

For one thing, pain is your body’s way of telling you that something isn’t right. It could be because you were not quite warmed up enough and need more foreplay. It could also be your body trying to send you a message that there is a medical issue you need to take care of. Pain during sex can be a symptom of such conditions as vaginismus, fibroids, endometriosis, and vaginal dryness. It can even indicate a sexually transmitted infection or an injury involving the vulva or vagina.

How to know something is very wrong

When the pain is consistent, persistent and bothersome, then it is definitely a sign that you should not ignore it. If it’s distressing and negatively affecting your sex life, you absolutely should get things checked out.

First off, start by ensuring you’re properly aroused before sex. Engage in more foreplay and make sure to keep things pleasurable all the way. If you feel good and well lubricated down there then you know you’re ready to go. You can also invest in some lubricants if needed. The goal is to make sure that the pain you experience during sex isn’t caused by friction or dryness.

If the pain persists, then you should see a doctor about it. Never suffer in silence as this can be very dangerous for yourself and your relationships. You start to dread sex or see it as something you have to suffer through. This ends up affecting your attitude towards it and it can quickly ruin the intimacy between you and your partner.




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