#TIPOFF: It’s All About Body Odor And How To Combat It


Our focus is going to be on *body odor and its health consequences, how it affects our lifestyles and how to prevent or control it.

Body odor is that smell that our bodies give off which is considered unpleasant. This is caused by bacteria breaking down sweat and is largely linked to the apocrine glands, the apocrine glands are found in the breasts, genital areas, armpits, ears, etc. These glands are mainly responsible for body odor because the sweat they produce is high in protein, which bacteria can break down easily, Have you ever wondered why, when you remove your shoes or your socks, you get a whiff of an unpleasant smell? Well this is because our shoes and socks make it difficult for the sweat to evaporate, giving the bacteria more sweat to break down into smelly substances.

Body odor can be influenced by diet, gender, health and medication. No one is comfortable standing near someone who stinks. Unfortunately for some people, they don’t know that they stink.

As a lady, it is of utmost importance to smell nice. This can make both guys and ladies get attracted to you to become your friends. Having a good body scent goes a long way in keeping friends.

If one has a bad odor, that person shouldn’t be shocked when one day, one of his friends just shouts, “Dude, when last did you have a decent shower?!” Your body odor affects your friends too.

Some people want to get close to you, but you have a bad body odor and they don’t know how to come out and tell you the hard truth. So they just keep the truth and their distance and then you ask yourself, what’s up with me?

Causes of Body Odor
– Body odor can be caused by poor hygiene. As a lady or man(guy), it is expected that you take care of your private part as needed and shave your pubic hairs in order to prevent body odor
– An older study from 1998 suggests that different diseases have different scents. So it is highly possible that when you are ill, your body can give off some unpleasant odor
– Also, you are what you eat, as far as food is concerned or even the kind of drinks you take. How many of you are comfortable standing near a drunk man who is literally stinking of alcohol? Food containing *sulphur* (like broccoli and cauliflower), *spices*, or *drinking alcohol* can all affect the way that you smell. All of these relate to how the body breaks down these different elements and then releases them, like through sweat, pores, breath and urine.

Well, to every problem, there’s always a solution and to those problems that seem to have no solutions, solutions are looked for to be generated to help people.

Body odor can be prevented if hygiene is taken seriously. You can do the following:
– Keep your bodies clean
– Wear clean clothes, don’t wear one underwear twice in two consecutive days, especially for ladies. So, hygiene is important.
– Brush your teeth, at least twice a day, Morning and before going to bed. Brush your tongue well too
– You can also apply antiperspirants
– Drink lots of water. This helps to flush bacteria out of your system.

These are very helpful, to both genders. But when you keep a good hygiene and still smell bad, then something should tell you there’s a problem. When you observe that hygiene isn’t helping your state, it’s best to visit a physician to find out what’s wrong

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