How To Stop Even The Worst Menstrual Cramps Fast

As different and versatile as they say ladies are. One thing unites us all. Menstrual Cramps. Well maybe not all of us. Some women don’t even feel a thing. Wonder how awesome that would feel. Menstrual cramps are pains that come with your monthly period and can range from mild to earth shattering, land you in a hospital type pain.

We found a few guaranteed ways to prevent and drastically reduce even the worst menstrual cramps and make your life livable again.

1. Exercise: One of the most effective ways to stop cramps even before they start is to exercise prior to your period. Exercising helps increase endorphins in the body, which dulls the pain and puts you in a better mood.

2. Heat: A scientific study showed that a temperature of 104° helps you get rid of period cramps caused by reduced blood flow to your organs. So go get that heating pad and take a warm bath.

3. Anti Inflammatory Medications: Use medications like Ibuprofen and Naproxen a day before your period to help prevent menstrual cramps. These medications help block the effect of the hormone causing menstrual pain. Don’t worry, you won’t get addicted.

4. Get Picky With Foods: Only eat vegetarian foods for now to help ease menstrual cramps. Avoid sugar, salt, alcohol and caffeine as they cause bloating and worsen menstrual cramps. You’ll probably drop a kg or two, so yaayy!!!

5. Let Your Body Decide: All these remedies are helpful but then again we’re all different and every body has it’s demands. So listen to your body and just go with it. Stay home and rest, cry, speak to no one and binge watch a movie. It’s all about you baby.

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