When Is The Safest Time To Start Having Sex After Childbirth

After you’ve had a baby, you may start to wonder when the right time is for you and your partner to start having sex again. This is an important factor to consider as having sex too early may pose a lot of risk to your health.

So when is the right time to have sex after childbirth? Is there a specified number of days or weeks? Or are there certain signs to watch out for to know if your body is ready?

Doctors orders

Usually, your doctors would advise you to wait for about four to six weeks to have sex after childbirth. However, there could be certain circumstances surrounding the delivery that can cause this date to be pushed forward a little. So if you’re unsure, your safest bet will be to ask your doctor first.

Most couples start having sex again within two months after the baby is born. But to stay safe, you should ensure you wait until you stop bleeding. If you have sex while still experiencing post-birth bleeding (lochia), you open yourself up to the risk of infections.

sex after childbirth

Just because you just gave birth does not mean you’re safe from getting pregnant again. And since getting pregnant soon after birth can be risky to both mother and baby, you should definitely be on some type of contraceptive.

Many women rely on exclusive breastfeeding to prevent pregnancy. While this can work in many cases, it’s not a hundred percent effective. So speak to your doctor about a more reliable method of birth control.

sex after childbirth
Take your time

Getting in the mood for sex after having a baby can take some time. So don’t rush yourself. If you don’t feel ready, it’s okay to take things slow. Having and enjoying sex after childbirth is not just about physiological readiness. You also have to be emotionally prepared.

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