Top 4 Home Remedies to Increase Fertility in Women


Infertility is a problem that plagues the minds and lives of many married couples. Eager to start a family of their own, the roadblock comes in the form of failure to conceive a baby. Fertility issues can exist either in the man or the woman or both, too. And the best way to combat that is to not blame either party but to find the right remedy that can boost  fertility.

What causes Infertility In Women?

– Blockage in the physical paths of reproduction

– Increased levels of prolactin

– Presence of the polycystic ovarian syndrome

– Presence of endometriosis

– Improper nutrition

– Higher age

– Celiac disease

Natural Home Remedies to Boost Fertility in women.

Some conditions mentioned above may require medical treatment to bring back fertility. However, there are certain ayurvedic home remedies for infertility that are known to be useful. These home remedies for infertility in females are a healthy and natural alternative that do not harm the body.

1. Dates

Not only are dates extremely tasty, they contain a variety of nutrients that support conception. Vitamin A, vitamin E, vitamin B, and multiple minerals are found in rich quantities within dates. All of these are necessary to allow a woman to conceive, as well as have a healthy pregnancy right till the end. They also help with treatment of constipation and regularizing bowel movements. Creating a paste of dates and coriander roots, boiling it with cow’s milk, and drinking this cooled mixture daily post your period is highly beneficial. General consumption of dates as a snack or through smoothies is great, too.

2. Cinnamon

Here’s another option that is easily available and can help increase chances of pregnancy. PCOS, one of the leading causes of infertility, can be combated with by the consumption of cinnamon. It also leads to a proper functioning of the ovaries as well, by improving the menstrual cycle of PCOS riddled women. Multiple other factors affecting female fertility such as the absence of menstrual periods, fibroids in uterus, endometriosis and many others can be treated with the help of cinnamon. Furthermore, it also helps avoid yeast related infections. Consuming it with hot water daily, and including it in the diet is recommended. However, abstain from consuming more than 2 teaspoons.

3. Folic Acid

Primarily known to prevent birth-related defects in the foetus during pregnancy, this can also assist in getting pregnant in the first place. Folic acid is a key component in maintaining a fertile state since it helps maintain a proper working of processes relevant to ovulation. All it requires is taking folic acid tablets in quantities of 400 mcg for a few months before attempting to conceive. This helps you get pregnant as well as provides crucial support in the development of the unborn baby, preventing it from defects such as autism.

4 . Alum

Certain women have appropriate menstrual cycles and yet fail to attain pregnancy. In these cases, alum is known to be a good remedy for restoring fertility. Take a small piece of alum and cover it with cotton. While sleeping at night, place it inside the vagina and remove it in the morning after waking up. A white milky layer will be present on the cotton. This needs to be repeated until the white layer does not appear anymore. This is a strong sign of being able to get pregnant. Following this, you can stop using the alum piece and start trying to get pregnant.

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