These Are The 5 Things Every Man Wants In Bed

If you’re wondering why he just isn’t as excited about sex it might be because you don’t really know the things every man wants in bed. But don’t worry too much, we’ve got you covered. We’ll be letting you in on our rock his world secrets for the bedroom.

These are 5 things every man wants in bed.

1. Passion

Yes. Men want you to be just as into it as he is. The idea of just lying down and letting him do all the work is completely outdated. So get involved and be excited about him too.

2. Noise

We don’t mean shouting and screaming, Yeeee!!! We mean moan a little, express yourself. When he hits the right spot let out a low cat-like growl and watch his head spin.

3. Compliments

Compliments and encouragement in bed will make a man feel really good about himself and make him even more eager to please you. So compliment him and let him know when he’s doing it right.

4. Communication

We know you might not like talking during sex, but your hands can do the talking for you. So use your hands to guide him to the right spot and we’re pretty sure he’ll get the message.

5. Sleep

Sex is exercise, and exercise is tiring. So don’t talk his ears off or expect some unending profession of love after sex. Just let the dude sleep it off, he’s earned a little nap.

Do these things and we guarantee you he’ll keep coming back for more

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