Should Pregnant Women Drink Zobo? Find Out Here

Zobo is a popular Nigerian drink and a lot of us love it. Especially because it’s healthy and works well for weight loss, but is it for everyone? Should pregnant women drink zobo and what are the health risks for pregnant women? We’ll answer all these questions here.

So to answer the questions

Should pregnant women drink zobo?

The answer is No! Even women who are trying to get pregnant should stay away from zobo drink as it affects fertility. Zobo leaf is the Nigerian name for hibiscus plant and this plant is packed full of healthy nutrients for your body. However, some of these nutrients as good as they are, aren’t good for pregnant women, or women trying to conceive.

should pregnant women drink zobo

What are the health risks of zobo for pregnant women?

Fluctuations in hormone levels

Zobo can cause fluctuations in your hormone levels which is not safe for pregnancy. Women in their first trimester should especially avoid drinking zobo.

Emmenagogue effects

This effect stimulates menstruation and blood flow to the uterus. This means that it can cause cramping and result in early labour from women. Another reason to avoid it.

should pregnant women drink zobo
Reduces fertility

It lowers your estrogen levels which can lead to reduced fertility. This makes it harder to conceive when you’re trying to have a child.

Drinking zobo is healthy and has a lot of benefits but it’s better to avoid it if you’re trying to conceive or already pregnant.

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