Nigerian man returns 600,000 naira mistakenly sent to him


Honesty they say is the best policy… and a Nigerian man has just proven that Nigerians can sometimes be honest and trustworthy.

The man identified on IG as @unclemide, revealed he received a credit alert of N600,000, and he’s already started planning on how he’d spend the money, because he had no idea who the credit alert was from.

Alas, it was a mistake from an old client of his, the young man who happens to be a stylist took to his Instagram page to narrate how he returned money mistakenly sent to his account, after a tough battle with his conscience.

He shared chats with the said creditor, writing:

while watching a Champions league match last night, I received a 600k credit alert from someone I didn’t know. I had raging thoughts and couldn’t even concentrate on the match again but decided to stay mute.

So, baba started planning on how to sort some unfinished projects with someone else’s money in my head but my conscience wouldn’t stop pricking me. Having checked google and facebook all to no avail for the sender’s information; i received a call later this evening.

Alas! It was an old client who I made outfits for in the abroad who reached out to me that her husband mistakenly credited me instead of a carpenter.

Long story short, i refunded her complete money. Nobody holy pass but God sees my heart, I’m at peace with myself.

Cheyyyyyy ?

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