Does He Take Too Long To Climax? Here Are 3 Ways To Speed Things Up

When it comes to sex, women are more focused on quality while men value quantity (in other words, how long they can hang in there.) As a result, there will come instances where the man is pushing to break a time record long after the woman has gotten what she needs.

So what happens when he takes too long to climax? This situation is not totally out of your control. Here are a couple of things you can do.

Discourage alcohol

Alcohol can prolong a man’s ability to achieve orgasm. It sounds cool at first but keep in mind that alcohol also makes it more likely that he won’t get an erection or will keep losing it at intervals. So, for a better sexual experience for you both, encourage your man to ditch the pre-sex drink. That way, he’s more ‘in the moment.’

he takes too long to orgasm
Increase your volume

Men may be visual creatures but during sex, they are intensely turned on by how vocal you are. In fact, research shows that many women would deliberately increase their moaning sounds just to push their partners to climax. They may be on to something.


If he takes too long to climax, you may want to consider roleplaying. When you’re in a committed relationship, this can help your partner feel like he’s with someone else. Plus, it’s also a turn on for you when you take on a different role. You feel freer and more likely to explore. So, give this a shot to boost his climax time.

he takes too long to orgasm

When sex becomes tedious because he takes too long to climax, do not simply ‘endure’ it. If all else fails, talk to your partner about how you feel and see if he may have some ideas that can help move things along. Keeping it to yourself will only make you lose interested in sex and can negatively impact your relationship.

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