3 Biggest Signs That What You’re Feeling Is True Love

The truth is, love is complex. It’s not as simple as butterflies in your belly or the clouds parting when you kiss. It is more about the choices you make every day for each other.

Love won’t just happen. But when you do have it, you should able to recognize these major signs you’re in love.

1. Happiness

We’re not talking about the excited feeling you get when you’re on a date. When you’re in love with someone, you feel complete and happy around them. You’re not obsessed with being together 24/7. In fact, needing to be constantly around them may be a sign of co-dependence and insecurity. You and your partner each do your own thing, but at the end of the day, nothing feels more like home than when you finally get together. One of the signs you’re in love is when you’re deliriously, deeply and liberatingly happy. You feel content, safe and above all, loved when you’re around your partner.

signs you're in love

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2. Actions and sacrifices

Being in love means doing things just for the other person without them necessarily knowing about it. You don’t even need to be asked by them to do the thing that will make their day better or put a smile on their face. In fact, when you’re really in love, you have a strong need to do something for them as opposed to wanting them to do things for you.

3. You don’t hurt them

No matter what you may have heard, love isn’t supposed to hurt. It may be challenging to see things from the same perspective sometimes, but going out of your way to do things to intentionally hurt someone else isn’t love. You just don’t inflict pain on the one you love. It’s really that simple.

signs you're in love

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Remember that the signs you’re in love are not important if the other person does not feel or do these three things too. One-sided love isn’t true love.

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