You Should Try These Easy To Make Nigerian Smoothies

We know smoothies tend to sound a bit bougie, but before you condemn the idea completely, hear us out. Healthy smoothie recipes are just a combination of blended fruits that are really good for your health. These fruits can be anything from oranges to watermelons.

Try these easy to make healthy smoothie recipes

healthy smoothie recipes
Pineapple, Apple, and Watermelon smoothie

For this, you’ll need pineapples, apples and watermelons and any type of yoghurt is you want to be fancy about it. But generally, just the fruits would be amazing. So peel the back of the pineapple and watermelons and chop it into bits. Then put it all in a blender and blend, blend, blend.

healthy smoothie recipes
Tigernut, Orange, and Mango Smoothie

Soak your tiger nuts in water and leave it overnight to soften. Peel the orange and either squeeze out the water or take out the rinds. Make sure to peel the back off the orange or the smoothie will have an orange back taste (but it’s fine if you like it like that). Peel the mango back and chop into bits. Put everything in a blender and blend till you get your consistency. Drink it all up.

healthy smoothie recipes

Pawpaw, banana, and Apple Smoothie

Peel off the backs of the pawpaw and banana and chop into bits, remove the seeds from the apple. Apple seeds contain a little bit of cyanide, not enough to cause any real damage but a little tummy ache is bad enough. Chop it all and blend together and it’s ready to drink.

You can add yoghurt to any of these if you want and blend it in.

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