This Fruit Is Sworn To Cure Cancer In Women. True or Not?

Without further ado, we’ll get straight to the point. We are talking about soursop, the fruit most of our Nigerian mothers have sworn by. Well, now we have some studies that might be backing up their claims soon and other benefits too.

Health benefits of soursop fruit

Kills some cancer cells

Studies have shown that the soursop extracts can kill some cancer cells that are difficult to kill by chemotherapy, especially liver and breast cancer cells. But these studies are still waiting to be carried out on humans to know how effective it is. So we’ll have to wait to find out.

soursop fruit

Other proven benefits however include

It helps to fight yeast infections

Soursop contains high antibacterial properties that can help fight bacterial infections. This makes it very effective in fighting yeast infection in women and balancing your pH levels.

It also helps treat diabetes

A Nigerian study showed that soursop has anti-diabetic properties that help to reduce blood glucose levels. Its extracts help inhibit the effect of diabetes in patients.

soursop fruit
It helps improve your skin and hair

The nutrients found in soursop are very effective in protecting your hair from dandruff and itching and aiding hair growth. It also prevents and treats skin tumours and growths on the skin.

So it’s time to add munching on the yummy fruit to your daily routine.

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