Profitable Business Ideas You Can Start With 50K Or Less In Nigeria

It’s the side hustle/entrepreneurship era, and everyone is trying to do something for themselves. Most people tend to think it would cost a ton of money to kickstart profitable business ideas, but that’s not quite right. With 50k and even for a lot less, you can start a thriving business of your own.
  1. Start a fabric business

You can definitely start a fabric business for a lot less than 50k. Go to major markets where you can buy those fabrics at wholesale prices, and select different fabrics in eye-catching colours. Don’t buy ankara fabrics alone though, you can mix things up by buying fabrics like crepe, chiffon, organza and other fabrics ladies like to use. Buying at wholesale prices means you can sell the products at cheap prices and still get your profit at the same time.

profitable business ideas
2. Poultry business

Sounds weird, but just try it! Get someone to build sturdy cages for the chickens and then buy some baby chickens and chicken feed as well. These birds grow so fast that in a few months, you’ll be able to sell them off for many times the price you bought them for. Plus, you can even sell them around Christmas. You know how the demand gets in December.

3.  Food business
profitable business ideas

You can definitely start a food business with 50k and there are various niches in the food business. You could sell sandwiches alone, sell bowls of soup and stew, offer a home/delivery service or sell your favourite food alone even… There are endless possibilities. You can start by marketing to friends and family alone, and then branching out. People will always eat, so this is one of our many profitable business ideas that will become a money spinner if you market it well.

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