Important Rules To Follow When Having Sex During Ovulation

Your desire for sex will fluctuate depending on where you are in your cycle. For most women, it reaches its peak during ovulation when you’re most fertile.

When you’re having sex during ovulation, you ought to keep a few things in mind for a better experience and to avoid doing something you’ll regret.

Use protection

Biologically, your body wants to get pregnant at this time of the month. So, if you’re not ready for that, this is not the time to take risks. Make sure you’re protected when having sex during ovulation. Use quality condoms and/or be strict with other forms of birth control.

Important Rules To Follow When Having Sex During Ovulation
Don’t make stupid decisions

Did you know that women are more likely to cheat on their partners when their ovulating? Because your arousal is at its peak, you may feel more flirty towards other men and even feel the need to push things further. Even if you’re single, you’re also more likely to have sex with wrong person thanks to your fiery hormones. To keep from doing something you’ll regret, avoid making major sex-related decisions when you’re ovulating.

Ask for what you need

Studies have shown that a lot of women prefer certain kinds of sex during ovulation. If you usually enjoyed gentle and slow lovemaking normally, you may start craving for something rougher at this time of the month. Do ask your partner to give you what you need, otherwise, you may end up feeling dissatisfied.

Important Rules To Follow When Having Sex During Ovulation
Try for clitoral orgasm

Research shows that your clitoris can actually grow up to 20 percent in size and become engorged easily during ovulation. This means, if your clitoris is normally a hassle to find, this is your very best chance to have it stimulated. So try having your man go down on you or spend some time manually stimulating you with his fingers. You can also try grinding against him so your clit gets a lot of attention. Thus, making orgasm very possible.

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