Coconut Oil Has More Benefits Than You Know, Check Them Out!

We all know coconut oil and it’s uses for your hair and skin. But there are a lot more benefits of coconut oil you probably haven’t heard about. Which is probably why it is classified as a superfood, as there are so many ways it’s good for your general health and well being.

So what are the benefits of coconut oil?

It aids faster fat burning

The oil content in coconut oil would normally be a reason to stay away from it. Until you find out this oil helps you burn two times as much fat as you normally would.

benefits of coconut oil
It’s a treatment for UTIs

The high antibiotic content of coconut oil makes it effective in treating urinary tract infections and other kidney diseases. It also helps relieve the symptoms of STDs.

Helps in treating HIV and Cancer

Coconut oil has proven to be effective in reducing the viral load of patients with HIV and cancer. It also kills the viruses that cause influenza, SARS, and other viral infections and kills the bacteria that causes thrush and diaper rash.

benefits of coconut oil
It’s a natural sunscreen

Coconut oil contains substances in it that act as a sunscreen and block out up to 20% of UV rays that attack your body when you’re in the sun. It has the second highest natural UV protection capacity after olive oil and can prevent skin cancers and such.

Reduces arthritis and back pain

Coconut oil helps to reduce general inflammation in the body, even inflammation due to menstrual cramps. But it also helps with back pain and arthritis management to reduce the pain and relax the muscles.

Other benefits of coconut oil include aiding digestion and preventing high blood pressure and heart diseases.

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