5 Things To Expect When Dating A Broke Guy

We know there are different opinions on the dating a broke guy issue. While some would damn everything else as long as the love is true, others would want love as well as convenience and a good career. We support whatever decision you make and if you decide to love him for him, we will help you prepare yourself.

So here are things to expect when dating a broke guy

                           Dating a broke guy
Adjust Your Expectations

You will not be going shopping and buying whatever you want on a whim. Every expense must be carefully decided on and prioritized because your bills will always pile up. So whatever Prada and Gucci expectations you had have to take a back seat to reality or Katangwa and bend down select.

Your friends will have a say

Some just to spite you and prove their better, others because they truly care about you and worry about your well being. So if you’re not absolutely sure you want to go into this and your reasons are not solid then don’t even bother. Because the judgment and love and care will eventually wear you down.

You’ll have to handle his insecurities

A broke guy will always have it at the back of his mind that you might leave him for someone with more money eventually. This means you’ll have to do a lot of reassuring and ego boosting to make him feel better about himself. It might be more work than you expect.

It might not go your way

Money changes people, he may profess undying love and humility while he’s broke but there’s always a chance that when he blows a slay queen will come along and your man will fall for her. All your sacrifices and salaries you’ve been feeding him with might not be enough to keep him. Don’t take it personally, life happens.

The sex will be amazing

Word on the street is, broke men make better lovers. Some women even prefer dating a broke guy because he’s better in bed. Maybe because he’s trying to make up for his financial inadequacies or because not having a job gives him more time to exercise and build his strength for you in bed. Whatever the reason, enjoy the sex. It’s the silver lining.

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