Stop Dressing “Half-Naked” Or… -University Of Zimbabwe Sends Warning To Female Students


University of Zambia has issued a strong warning to its female students to dress “modestly” when they use the school’s library in order to stop distracting the male students.

Apparently, the male students have lodged a formal complaint to management of the University after the provocative dressing of their female colleagues was becoming increasingly unbearable.

The male students claimed they are unable to concentrate on their studies especially in the library as soon as the female students enter with their seductive mode of dressing.

One of the male students told the BBC that: “You know how attractive women bodies are. How can you concentrate on studying when someone walks in a mini skirt or a tight dress? You’ll start thinking about other things and you won’t concentrate.”

A warning statement issued and signed by management of the Zambia’s top university located in its capital Lusaka said: “It has come to our attention that some female students dress half-naked as they use the library, a situation which is disturbing the male students.

“We therefore advise the female students to dress modestly as you use university facilities. Modesty is the way to go!”

Meanwhile, it looks as though the warning may not necessarily change anything. One of the female students is reported as saying: “If your mission of going to the library is to study, why should you start looking at other things like a female’s legs?”

Another also said the male students should “just concentrate on your books, that’s all.”







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