Only Nigerian bosses make it seem like it’s okay for you to work on weekends – Man


A Nigerian man identified as Wole Odeyele has taken to Twitter with the opinion that foreign bosses treat their employees better than Nigerian bosses.

“In my entire career, All foreign bosses respect weekends and after work hours.

In my experience, its only Nigerian bosses and HR that would try to price your wages down like slave drivers.

Foreign HR and Bosses are more concerned with paying you a fair wage to ensure you are well motivated

In my experience, foreign employers are less concerned with the appearance of work and more concerned with the content of work, so they allow flexibility in work hours and locations.

Nigerian employers stick with the traditional 8-5, and demand physical presence.

In my experience, foreign bosses aren’t concerned about titles and ranks and try to create structures that are flat where everyone can collaborate with anyone.

Nigerian bosses are very hierarchical and you’re most talk to your boss, who talks to his boss and he to his boss.

In my experience, foreign employers encourage open dialogs. Every decision can be questioned, challenged and reevaluated.

Nigerian employers are military styled. Questioning an instruction is considered insubordination and queries are issued like meal tickets

In my experience, foreign employers try to ensure profit sharing affects all employees. Everyone rises together or falls together.

Nigerian employers like to keep the juice at the very top and it won’t trickle down. Even your annual bonus is questionable.

I promised myself never to work with non-multinationals again. We are incredibly close minded and shallow in our work styles.

I sometimes think our fellow country men are our own worst enemy in the workplace.”


Source: News Agencies

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