#FineYorubaTwitter: Nigerians on Twitter are using hashtags to celebrate their beauty


Nigerians really are beautiful people.

Over time, Nigerian Twitter has become ground zero for some of the most interesting conversations and trends. The latest one is the hashtag, #FineYorubaTwitter and users of the platform are using it to showcase the best of Yoruba beauty.

As the hashtag suggests, Nigerian Twitter users of Yoruba extraction are using the hashtag to share photos of themselves and provide evidence for the widely held belief that Yoruba people are some of the most attractive in the country.

At this point, in the interest of full disclosure, it would only be fair to say that the “fine “insert tribe” twitter” hashtag was started by our fine brothers and sisters from the East.

But as one Twitter user so eloquently put it, Yoruba people have a way of taking little things and making them bigger. Judging by the melanin and beautiful proportions on display, we’d say she hit the nail on the head.

The hashtag is now the No. 1 trending topic on Twitter. Everyone from the retweet-hungry yuppies to entertainment professionals and celebrities in their own right has shared photos to keep the train moving.

To represent the hashtag as a Yoruba thing would be a falsehood.

Issa Nigerian Thing

While Nigerians from the Igbo and Yoruba tribes may have set the fire blazing, Twitter users from just about every nook and cranny of the country are flying their flags high and showing off their own versions of Nigerian beauty.

Among the most popular hashtags are #FineMiddleBeltTwitter, and #FineEdoTwitter which follows the Yoruba offering as the second Twitter trend in Lagos.

Nigerians in the diaspora have not been left out from this display of sauce. A fair number of the most engaging photos have been shared from countries with a substantial Nigerian presence such as the United States, Cyprus, Italy and of course, the United Kingdom.

Oduduwa would be so proud.

While social media has helped to amplify showcases of this nature, Nigerians, regardless of tribe, have always been willing to showcase their culture and heritage, either using themselves as muses or exhibiting other elements such as our native attire, food and language.

This hashtag only serves to prove that while social media may have its own clear ills, and others are bent on getting retweets, you only need a couple of Nigerians to turn it to a party.


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