Top 4 benefits of Corn Silk Tea


You know the thread like, golden and shiny looking weak fibers that grow as part of a corn, that’s the corn silk. It is usually tossed away along with the husk of the corn but I bet you didn’t know that it had a lot of  health benefits. Quite frankly, a lot of plants, vegetables and fruits have certain health benefits.


The corn silk contains vitamins, carbohydrates, minerals and fiber, now that’s a whole meal right there. Corn silk has been known to be used in different ways, sure has it’s benefits and I’m going to walk you through that today.

Benefits and Usage: The corn silk is majorly prepared like a tea, boiled and left to cool before drinking.


1. It’s used to treat several infections from Urinary Tract Infections (UTIs), kidney stones, high cholesterol level, high blood pressure, fatigue, diabetes and congestive heart failures.


2. Corn silk also helps a lot with chest pain by reducing levels of cholesterol and other fats in the


3. Regulates blood sugar levels ; A study that was published in 2009 in the Nutrition and Metabolism journal showed that corn silk tea aids insulin generation in the human body. Therefore reducing the rate of illnesses caused by high blood sugar such as diabetes and stroke.


4. Corn silk works for weight loss; it possesses natural diuretic agents which aid in flushing out excess water and waste in the body. So you have a big event coming up and you want to fit into your outfit perfectly I guess you could give corn silk tea a try.


As said earlier, corn silk is majorly made in form of a tea and over the years a lot of brands have taken to the knowledge of this gift of nature and actually started making corn silk tea bags. A couple of times before I found out about its benefits, I’ve come across some corn silk tea boxes. I guess it’s thank you to the one who discovered its benefits.


Personal review, it actually does aid the release of excess waste and water in the body. It works so well you’d be forced to believe it’s magic. Now for other reviews on its other benefits;


Review from someone with UTI; “I have started taking corn silk tea boiled and cooled, the tea is slightly gold in color, I have taken the corn silk from baby corns, it worked in reducing UTI and free flow of urine”.


Review from someone who had a case of high blood sugar level; “I am pre diabetic, and I had a cup of this tea with dinner which was baked salmon, being just after Christmas I also had some of the pineapple upside cake, my blood sugar tested 110 earlier before dinner, it is about 5 hrs later and my blood sugar is 79, lowest it’s been for some time. It peaked to 175 Christmas when I ate an Arby’s sandwich, and Christmas day when I had dinner, should have brought a tea bag with me, but didn’t think about it. Even last night ate a bag of sun chips, and was horribly disappointed when sugar peaked again to 171, from now on, will be drinking this tea if I eat anything like this again. Been watching everything I eat, take cinn tabs, cranberry, and garlic everyday, incorporate grapefruit, but I’m happy to have found something that really works”.


Some very positive reviews. Well I hope I’ve been able to successfully pass on this very useful health tip.

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