4 healthy benefits of Tiger nuts


This is one thing we come across everyday. One way or the other you were the road side traders moving around with it. Not a lot of people are aware of the healthy benefits it carries, so the next time you’re having a glass of tiger nut milk you’d know the nutrients you’re consuming. One thing you need to know is that Tiger nuts are not actually nuts but just edible tubers. It’s linked with several health benefits starting from aiding better digestion to reduced risk of heart diseases.


1. Allergy Maintenance. Tiger nuts can help people better manage their allergies by acting as a replacement for food items that contain common allergens. For example, tiger nut flour is a gluten-free alternative to flours containing wheat. Tiger nut milk is an alternative to cow’s milk, which contains lactose.


2. Weight loss. Tiger nuts are super high in resistant starch fiber, which has been getting a lot of buzz for its weight loss benefits. This type  of starch passes through the stomach and small intestine without being digested, and may even help lose weight by reducing blood sugar spikes and keeping one fuller longer than other foods with the same number of calories.


3. Rich in Nutrients. Tiger nuts contain a variety of nutrients and beneficial plant compounds. Their specific nutrient content depends on the type. There are three main varieties of tiger nuts: black, brown and yellow. It contains ;Fiber, Protein, Vitamin E, Iron, Phosphorus, Vitamin C, Magnesium, Zinc, Potassium and Calcium


4. Due to the high amount of potassium in tiger nuts, it helps control activities of the heart and blood pressure. It is essential for proper functioning of human cells and vital organs also for electrolyte balance in the body.


Now you know the good it does to your body other than the fact that it has a great taste. I’m sure a lot of people must have had tiger nut milk before but if you have not, make sure to give it a try. This is just a few of the healthy benefits of tiger nuts it does a whole lot of other wonders but this is all I’m bringing  to you guys today.

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