4 practical things you should consider when it is raining


The rains are here again! If you’re in tropical areas, you’ll know it’s that time of the year when your community is likely to get flooded, with thrash, debris or dirt likely to be seen floating around. And of course, that drainage system or gutter, whatever you call it, likely to run over because of blockages. The possible effect of all this, is mad traffic!


Well, we have put together 4 practical things you should consider when the rain starts to pour. Let’s reel them out:


1. Drive while it’s raining: Yes, I said that! Weird? Observation, has shown that it’s better to drive while the rain is pouring. This is usually because most motorists are of the opinion that one should wait for the rain to assuage before hitting the road, due to poor visibility. Haven’t you noticed that when the rain stops or slows down, there is a massive rush by most motorist and road users to get to their destination on time, leading to serious traffic jams within the metropolis? People eventually arrive at their destination very late! That’s why we would say, if you have a car in good condition, be sure to have your headlamps fully activated, put on your hazard lights and get moving while the rain is pouring. You could save yourself some hours.


2. Do your grocery shopping: Have you ever been in a grocery while it’s raining? I have. Several times. The store is almost empty because people are stock either at home or in their various locations. It’s a good time to leave that spot and immediately find your way to a grocery store, if you’ve run out of supplies. No crowds, no pressure, no queues and empty cash points. It’s a money-back guaranty you’ll spend less time.


3. Try to take a nap: Why not? The cable TV and internet may not be working, the weather is cool, you might not have customers to attend to (doesn’t mean you should sleep on your desk, lol) and everyone else might just be snuck up somewhere chilling. While it’s raining, it’s advisable you get some rest because activities are about to heat up when the rain stops.


4. Stay safe: This cannot be overemphasized! Find a safe place away from lightening, thunder and the hazards that come with them, while it’s raining. Don’t go bathing in the rain, it’s dangerous! Try to keep your homes and offices properly secured and also stay with people who give you the comfort of safety. If you don’t have a car or you use public transportation, please find a safe place to stay until the rain subsides.


If you’d like to share other experiences or nuggets, please leave on the comment section. Enjoy the rain!

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