These beauty hacks could help make your life easier


People say beauty is pain, but I disagree that this has to be the case most of the time. So I brought you some beauty hacks to smoothen your beauty process and give you even better results.


1. Using your Mascara as Eyeliner: If your liner finishes, either liquid or gel, and you can’t buy another one as soon as you would like, use your liner applicator to take some mascara and use like your normal eyeliner. Mascara is also black and dries fast so it works as an eyeliner.


2. Prevent Blister from New Shoes with Deodorant: New shoes usually require breaking in and this can cause blisters on your feet. Prevent these blisters by running a clear gel deodorant on the places on your feet that blister, then slip your feet into those shoes and rock them.


3. According to an article by Ivana Kiki on, rubbing some Vaseline on your brows can help tame and smoothen unruly or very curly brows, then use a brow brush to brush them and you’ll see the difference. Also to make your lashes more pronounced, apply one coat of mascara and dip the cotton swab in baby powder or dip the mascara wand into the Vaseline and go over the lashes, then apply a second coat. You will be thrilled with the result.


4. An article by Cilia O’connor on recommends ice to help with hangovers. If you went out to party with friends only to wake up the following morning with a nasty hangover, Cilia says you can reach for a bag of frozen peas or an ice pack or even bag some ice cubes and place on your face for a few minutes for an easy anti-inflammatory treatment that’ll save you the nasty headache.


5. As a man, if your beard itches regularly, an article on suggests that you condition your beard along with your hair when you shower. Leave the conditioner in for a few minutes and then rinse. Moisturized beard hair is MUCH less itchy.


6. While shaving that healthy beard, chances are that you might nick yourself in the process. What do you do when that happens? This is the time when you might need to invest in a lip balm. You may see it as unnecessary but truth is smearing or applying some lip balm over the wound helps to create a seal and allows a clot to form because of its waxy texture. This makes it easier for the wound to heal.


So you may wanna try out these beauty hacks for women and men and see how your beauty process is a lot easier. I mean, who doesn’t want that.

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