Here’s how to shave your armpits properly


Grooming and good hygiene is extremely important, there’s no denying that. But there’s grooming and then there’s PROPER grooming, which is the RIGHT way to get it done. This time, we’ll be talking about how to shave your underarms to prevent darkening, ingrown hairs and just give you best results all around.


If you follow these tips then you will definitely not have this problem:


1. Pick a quality and sharp razor: – First and foremost tip is that you must choose a quality and sharp razor. Sharp razor can remove hair on the first try. When you shave your underarms, if you glide the razor multiple times, underarms become dark. A sharp razor will remove the hair quickly and you won’t have to glide again and again. The rubbing action of the razor cuts your skin and when that skin heals, it darkens. It also causes razor bumps and scars. So, it is better to use branded razors, which have high quality blades. It will be better to choose a multi-blade razor, 3 or more.


2. Use quality shaving cream and gel: Pre-shaving routine is also important. Before shaving, you must moisturize your skin. A quality shaving gel or shaving cream will make your hair soft and cool your skin. So that when you glide the razor, the skin will not feel the irritation caused by the razor. It will also prevent any nicks and cuts. Actually, underarms skin is very soft and sensitive. That’s why it becomes irritated quickly. If you don’t follow proper shaving tips during shaving then you may have to face several problems like unwanted cuts, razor bumps, ingrown hair etc. that’s why proper shaving is most important part of shaving underarms to avoid darkening.


3. Skin must be softened and exfoliated before shaving: – To make the process of shaving easier you need to remember that a soft and exfoliated skin is better than dry skin. The most effective way to soften the skin before shaving is to use lukewarm water to clean your skin. You can also use a wet towel to do the same. When your skin is soft and exfoliated, you can get a smoother shave and it helps to remove dead skin cells. It opens your pores and you get a closer shave without skin irritation.


4. Shaving in the right direction: – You must keep in mind that shaving in the right direction of underarms hair helps prevent razor bumps. If you want a closer shave then you can shave against the direction of hair growth, but it will cause ingrown hair and razor bumps. If your skin is extra sensitive then do not glide the razor more than two times. Razor bumps are also a big cause for underarms darkening. So, make sure to only shave against your hair growth on special occasions and normally in daily routine.


5. Using after shaving moisturizer or gel is important: –It is very important to moisturize underarms after shaving, because after shaving, your underarms skin becomes dry. It causes your underarms to look darker than they are. Proper moisturization keeps your underarms soft and hydrated.


Please remember to take great care while shaving and see your doctor should you develop complications.

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