Tips to promote healthy eating during the holidays


It’s popular knowledge that the holidays are the easiest time to add some more inches to your waistline or some more kilograms on your body so since we are fast approaching the holidays, I compiled a number of tips from the internet to help you and promote healthy eating during the holidays.


1. Choose your days: More often than not, most people already know their holiday plans before those dates roll around. So if you’re scheduled to have a feast or buffet at some outing with friends, party, or function, choose those days as your cheat days where you can allow yourself to have some of those tasty treats completely free of guilt. Note that before these scheduled dates, you should do your best to keep your meals balanced.


2. Eat before you go out: All these events and parties with all these people are thirst traps to lure you into letting your hands dirty with all the delicious delicacies. A good way to resist would be to eat before going to these places so you can be half full and able to eat only little without feeling bloated.


3. Inculcate Physical Activity: Even if it’s something as basic as window shopping, or stroll with siblings or even significant other, games at an arcade, family work out sessions, dance battles etc, try your best possible to inculcate physical activities to keep your body active. This way, even when you eat, your body can burn calories easier and faster.


4. Healthy Snacking: You can make healthy snacks or drinks that you can have in between meals as healthy alternatives to eating at every time your stomach asks for food. These could include salads, smoothies, fruits, healthy desserts, etc so even if you’re still snacking, you’ll be snacking on healthy options and you can at least, maintain your initial weight goals from before the holidays.

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