I called Davido but he didn’t take my calls even though he asked me to call – Cynthia Morgan


Dancehall star Cynthia Morgan has come out to say Davido didn’t take her calls even though he asked her to call him on Twitter.


Speaking in an interview with HipTV, Cynthia said:

…after the interview I had with erm Sandra, I did see a tweet where David said “Cynthia, Call me” and I did call David, ermm but he didn’t take his calls, sent a message on WhatsApp, he didn’t reply his messages, jst a long story actually but ermm, I don’t know. So ermmm, and then ermmmm, even the record that he sent, I made a demo verse for the record, and then it’s been like 3 months and we’ve not heard anything from David. So…David David David, what’s up?


Watch the interview…



What’s up David?

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