These psychological facts about humans will blow your mind


These psychological facts about humans will blow your mind.


1. The type of music you listen to affects the way you perceive the world.


2. Smarter people underestimate themselves, ignorant people think they’re brilliant.


3. Singing reduces feelings of depression and anxiety.


4. When you try to remember an event, you’re actually trying to remember the last time you remembered it, not the event itself.


5. Your tongue length is related to your sexual curiosity. Those who can lick their elbows are more willing to try new experiences.


6. People who understand sarcasm well are often good at reading people’s minds.


7. Being able to reply a silly question with sarcasm is a sign of a healthy brain.


8. People who swear a lot tend to be more loyal, honest and upfront with friends.


9. Adult men think about sex every seven seconds.


10. If you have a crush on someone, your brain will find it impossible to lie to that person.


No. 2, 6 and 9 are really interesting. Don’t know if no. 8 works well with politicians. lol

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