Covenant University is not doing Covid-19 test for returning students…not practicing social distancing rules – Student cries out


A Twitter user with the handle @booghy_ has cried out about Covenant University’s violation of the NCDC’s Covid-19 rules.


Tweeting, the student wrote:

COVENANT UNIVERSITY IS NOT DOING COVID-19 TEST FOR STUDENTS! THEY LIED TO OUR PARENTS. THEY ARE ONLY DOING PREGNANCY AND DRUG TEST! I RESUMED TODAY AND ALL THEY DID WAS TAKE MY URINE AND BLOOD SAMPLE. @OGSGOfficial PLEASE HELP!Folded hands I AM SCARED TO MY WITS! RETWEET WHEN YOU SEE THIS. @NCDCgov. One of the staffs even said that if any of us is infected, that we should not worry that papa is praying. That we should forget COVID-19. And to top it all, in the hostels, we are FOUR in a room! FOUR! No difference from every other semester before COVID-19. They brought out only 2 canopies to search and test us. We were so many! Rain fell and they left us under the rain. Our provisions were destroyed and our luggages soaked to the last.


The tweets have been retweeted over 4,000 times with various responses from Twitter users with some acknowledging her tweet while some rebuffed the allegation.

According to the NCDC, Nigeria had 136 new cases of COVID19 on Monday September 29. There have been a total of 58,460 confirmed cases with 49,895 discharged and 1,111 deaths.

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