Top 4 Herbal Tips For Cleansing The Kidney.

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Kidneys are one of those body parts that most people don’t think about until something goes wrong. Kidneys are actually very important. They remove waste and toxins from the blood.

They clean about 200 quarts a day and remove about 2 quarts that you then pee out. Kidney also helps to regulate blood pressure, increase red blood cell productions, and synthesize vitamin D.

1. Celery Roots
Celery seeds and celery root (celeriac) are diuretics. Diuretics may help flush out kidney and celery root is considered stimulating for the kidneys because it contains potassium and sodium.

Celery root is edible and incredibly nutritious or takes as an extract or capsule. It also useful in reducing stiff joints fights colon cancer and balances blood levels in anaemic people. It also helps with digestion and regular bowel movements.

2. Marshmallow Root
Marshmallow root is used as a flavouring and may calm urinary tract tissues. It is a gentle diuretic and known to soothe mucous membranes. Marshmallow root appears to have many health benefits and is common in herbal remedies. It also has antibacterial properties and fights inflammation.

If using as a kidney cleanser, tea is probably the most effective form. Marshmallow root is considered likely safe.

3. Dandelions Root.
Dandelions are nutritious and have some great health benefits. Dandelion root is a diuretic and the entire plant is filled with anti-oxidants that prevent cell damage. As a side benefit, it fights inflammation and helps control blood sugar levels, blood pressure, and reduces cholesterol.

Take as a tea, capsule, or tincture. Dandelion root is considered as safe as food and possibly safe in medicinal amounts. If you are allergic to dandelions, ragweed, daisies, chrysanthemums, and marigolds don’t use this kidney cleanser.

4. Water
The final tip is to drink lots of water while taking any of these herbs so that your kidneys have lots of water to work with.

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