This Is How To Keep Your Black Clothes From Fading

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Concerned about washing that perfect pair of black jeans you got because you don’t want it to fade? We have the solution!

OK let’s be honest. Your black clothes are going to fade out eventually and you cannot help it. But you can actually delay the process and help them stay darker for longer. And that’s what we’re going to help you with. So these tips will keep your black clothes from fading.

1. Reduce the frequency of wash

You don’t need to wash your black clothes after every wear, not unless it’s really dirty. The great thing with black is that it doesn’t retain stains so much so you can actually get away with wearing it multiple times before washing.

2. Don’t wash with detergent

Detergents are really great for white clothes but they are a bad idea for black clothes because they’ll make the colour run out faster than you can say freeze. Besides, black clothing actually do not retain stains so you don’t even need the detergents. Use a mild bathing soap instead.

keep your black clothes from fading
3. Wash them inside out

Washing your dark clothes inside out reduces the fabric to soap contact and also reduces the friction of the fabric rubbing together. So the colour won’t run as much.

4. Don’t soak them

You shouldn’t leave your black clothes in the wash water for too long, because the longer they stay in the water, the more they’ll actually fade. So try to wash them as soon as they are in the water, and rinse immediately.

keep your dark clothes from fading
5. Dry away from direct sunlight

You might not actually know this but sunlight can actually fade out the colour from your clothes. So it’s better to dry them in a shaded area.

6. Wash with other dark colours

The logic behind this is that when dark colours are washed together, they fade each other out. Which just means that the colours sort of run out and into each other. Get it? So basically, washing your black clothes together will help the colour last longer.

keep your dark clothes from fading

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