Ex-United Player Roy Keane Reveals “Players Threw Mourinho Under The Bus”


Roy Keane on Manchester United, “I don’t think it’s a simple as that (blaming someone). It’s a combination of lots of things. David Moyes was signed a six-year deal and I don’t think he was given enough time and he probably didn’t get the targets he was after.

“Then Louis van Gaal comes in and everyone get a bit fed up with too much possession. Apparently the players got fed up with the meetings there and now, apparently, they’re upset with Jose Mourinho. “I don’t think the recruitment’s been great and I do think the players get away with murder, in the way they hide behind the manager. Whatever you say about the players, they threw Mourinho under the bus.

“People say he fell out with players, but you would when they turn up overweight, aren’t training properly and aren’t producing. Then for some of them to down tools, shame on some of those players. It’s a bit of a joke, really.”

Ex-Manchester United captain Roy Keane has been speaking to BBC Radio 5 live about the departure of Jose Mourinho and the appointment of his former team-mate Ole Gunnar Solskjaer.

“In the last year it’s amazing how far they’ve gone back in terms of performances compared to Man City and Liverpool,” he said. “I think everyone knew it’d be difficult after Alex Ferguson left but I don’t think anyone would have thought they would end up being 19 points behind Man City last season – and now it looks like it could be more this season.”

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