South African girl caught while planning to drug and rob Nigerian men


A South African girl caught while planning to drug and rob Nigerian men that took her to their house in South Africa, has had her video shared on the internet.

In the video uploaded on Instagram by another Nigerian, the lady was being interrogated and she confessed to plan to lace their drinks with a substance after which she planned to rob them of their valuables.

Read his post below:

It’s only God that will help we foreigners in South Africa, most especially we Nigerians. They’ll use us and take advantage as if that is not enough, now she wants to poison their drinks. Just imagine nonsense, something they cannot do to their own South African men.

That’s how my baby mama send people to come rob me. As for me I would have beaten her and remove her front teeth’s before handling her over to the cops. Please y’all should be careful!!

Watch the video:

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