If You Want To Lighten Your Dark Lips, Try This

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Do you have dark lips that bother you so much you want to lighten them naturally?

Dark lips especially dry ones can look unattractive and lacklustre when not intensely moisturized and for ladies when they come too dark, they alter lip colours in a way that’s not flattering.

They happen usually as a result of lifestyle habits that include not exfoliating, not moisturizing the lips, not drinking enough water and smoking and so on.

Dark lips

There are products and treatments to lighten the lips but it’s best to stick to one without adverse effects a good way to keep lips looking good is to run damp brush on them after cleaning the teeth every morning to get rid of dry and dead skin.

If looking to get your lips lighter naturally follow these tips using lemon and lemon and sugar!

Dark Lips

Lemon lightens the skin and helps with exfoliating. it is used a lot in skincare and comes very easy to use.

  • Squeeze juice from a fresh lemon and apply to the lips after gently brushing them
  • Leave this on overnight and use continuously till desired shade is achieved
Lemon with sugar

Lemon helps to evenly tone and adding sugar as exfoliator easily gets rid of dead skin to reveal newer one (hello pink lips!).

  • Pour granulated sugar on a thin slice of lemon and gently use to exfoliate the lips

Will you be trying out these tips?

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