Afternoon Is For Fried Rice, This Recipe Will Make Your Day

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Sundays in the Nigerian home are for resting unless you’re a mom or the firstborn in the house. Then your Sundays are for cooking and getting things set for the new week. If you’re up for cooking, then this chicken fried rice recipe will impress your family and boost your chef rating.

This is how to make a healthy and delicious chicken fried rice that everyone will love

You will need;

– 3 cups of rice

– 1 can of sweet corn

– 1 can of green pea

– 1/2kg chicken breast

– 15 sticks of green beans

– 4 sticks of carrots

– 1/2kg kidney/liver

– 1 big green bell pepper

– 1 big red bell pepper

– 1 big yellow bell pepper

– 3 stock cubes

– Chicken stock from the chicken breast

– Salt

– Curry

– Thyme

– Fresh or powdered garlic (optional)

– Cinnamon (optional)

– 1/2 serving spoon of groundnut oil

– 1 teaspoon of fried rice spice

– Chopped onions

fried rice
Prepare the ingredients;

– Pour the canned foods in a bowl and preheat for 30 seconds in a microwave or put the can in boiling water for about 2-minutes.

– Chop the chicken breast and kidney/liver into tiny bits and saute in a saucepan with spice.

– Chop carrots and green beans along with all the peppers, separate them into different containers and set aside.

– Pour rice in boiled water an let it heat for 2-minutes then rinse and drain.

fried rice
Directions for cooking;

– Fry half of the chopped onions with the peppers.

– Add a pinch of curry and a little bit of thyme with a stock cube and salt to taste.

– Now add the chicken and kidney/liver to the sauce.

– Once it’s fried, set it aside for later.

– Pour the groundnut oil into a dry pot and add a teaspoon of curry.

– Add onions and garlic and stir till the onion is brown.

– Add the rice and keep stirring till it starts popping.

– Once it’s fried, add the meat stock and a little hot water, then leave it to cook for about 15-minutes.

– Check the rice at intervals because the cooking time depends on the type of rice used.

– Add stock cubes, fried rice spice, thyme, and salt to taste. Try not to over spice the meal.

– Once it’s almost ready, add carrot and green beans and let it cook for another 5-minutes.

– Next, add the canned foods and stir into the rice.

– Then Add the fried sauce and stir into the rice also.

– Leave it to cook for about 3-minutes and turn off the heat.

fried rice

Your fried rice is ready to eat with a glass of margarita. Have fun and let’s know how it tastes in the comment section.

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