4 Things To Know About A Man Before Marrying Him

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When you’re dating for marriage, there are certain things you must look out for and questions to ask to make sure you’re making the right choice.

Before taking that big leap into marriage, here are some things to know about a man. These help you understand him and keep you from choosing the wrong guy.

How does he handle stress?

While some people lash out when they are stressed or angry, others shut down. You may not understand how this can affect your relationship until you get married and face stressful situations. It can be a big problem if you prefer to talk about your issues while your partner handles problems by walking away and choosing not to talk to you.

things to know about a man
What annoying habits does he have?

We all have pet peeves but for the most part, couples learn to tolerate each other’s bad habits. So you must ask yourself if you can live with certain habits like keeping late nights, throwing dirty laundry on the floor, etc. These habits may seem harmless now but when you live together, it can be a source of resentment if you just cannot learn to live with them.

Does he have an alcohol/drug problem?

This is also one of the things to know about a man before marrying him. In this part of the world, we tend to not take addiction seriously. And it’s usually the spouse that feels the issue the most. There’s nothing romantic about being with someone who’s constantly high or cannot spend a day or two without drowning in alcohol.

things to know about a man
What are his views on parenting

What he thinks about children is another one of the things to know about a man. If he considers his sole job as a father to simply provide and not help with the actual raising of the child, you should know beforehand. If you’re okay with that, you should prepare yourself to do most of the child-raising.

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