Everything You Need To Know About Giving Birth In The US

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It’s the trend in Nigeria now to have your baby abroad. We all want a better life for our kids and sometimes being a US citizen can help with that. But how much do you know about giving birth in the US? And how do you go about it?

We’ll give you some tips to help with that. Here are some things to know about giving birth in the US:

First off, why?

Well asides the fact that your child will be a citizen and have all the advantages of being a US citizen, there’s also better healthcare. Hospitals in the US offer much better health care than you would get in Nigeria, especially if it’s a complicated birth or there are health issues with the mother or child.

How much does it cost?

It can cost somewhere between $3,000 and $23,00 depending on what you want. A natural delivery in a birth center will cost you about $3,000 while in a hospital you’ll pay about $10,000. If there are complications it can go up to $13,000. For performing a Caesarean section you will spend about $15,000 to $23,000 depending on if there are complications. That’s between ₦1,100,000 and ₦9,000,000.

giving birth in the US
Visa, and flight ticket

The average cost of your flight ticket and visa would vary depending on what travel agency you decide to use. It should cost you about ₦80,000 for the visa and about ₦800,000 for a return ticket. The travel agency will also charge you a fee if you decide to use one.

Accommodation and feeding

You will also need to provide accommodation for yourself and your baby and also plan for feeding and living expenses. This should ideally come to about $3,000 per month which is about ₦1,100,000

How do I go about it

First off you’ll need to get a tourist visa, then prove that you have enough funds to stay in the US for the period of time you will need to give birth. After that, you will need to provide accommodation for yourself and your baby and plan for living expenses too. Finally, you’ll need to get your tickets and flight schedule.

Make sure you give enough time from your travel date to your delivery date to prevent unnecessary stress for you and your baby.

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