5 Reasons You Should Never Say No To Bitter Leaf

The health benefits of bitter leaf for typhoid and some other illnesses are well known. But asides these, there are other benefits bitter leaf has on your health you might not be aware of. We’ll let you in on a few of them now and we really hope this helps you get past the taste.

5 health benefits of bitter leaf

health benefits of bitter leaf
1. Amazing for your skin

Bitter leaf contains a high dose of copper. This performs the function of collagen for your skin, improving skin health and glow. It also fights infections like eczema, ringworm and rashes

2. Helps prevent cancer and other diseases

It has cancer-fighting properties and was one of the earliest herbal solutions and remedies for cancer before the invention of drugs and chemotherapy.

health benefits of bitter leaf
3. Detoxifies your system

One of the most effective ways to detoxify your system is to blend bitter leaf with water and drink the juice at night before bed. It flushes out toxins in your system and fights free radicals that cause cancer

4. Improves your sex life

Drinking bitter leaf is really helpful for nursing mothers. It helps them produce a very high quality of milk for babies. It is especially good for mothers who do exclusive breastfeeding.

health benefits of bitter leaf
5. Prevents diabetes

The main ingredient in bitter leaf is effective in bringing down your blood glucose level. This makes it useful for both preventing and treating diabetes.

Bitter leaf grows almost anywhere, so you can just plant a small bit in your garden and add it to your daily meal plan (If you can get past the taste).

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