5 Reasons Why You Should Always Eat Dates

Most of us take the benefits of dates for granted. Maybe because they are very common in Nigeria and we don’t think twice about them when we eat them. What you might not know is that dates are one of the healthiest and most nutritious fruits you can find in Nigeria.

Here are 5 benefits of dates you should know

benefits of dates
1. Skin health

Dates are amazing for improving your skin. They are very rich in vitamin C and D which helps build skin muscles and improve skin elasticity. Also improves your skin tone and acts as an exfoliator to give you fairer skin.

2. Brain building

Dates help prevent memory loss in adults as you age. The nutrients in dates help to improve your mental capacity and build your brain cells.

benefits of dates
3. Sexual stamina

If you’re having issues getting sexually aroused or your partner is having issues keeping an erection then dates should be your friend. They help improve blood flow that boosts sexual stamina in men and lubrication in women.

4. Bone strength

Dates are packed full of nutrients that help build stronger bones and prevent arthritis and other related bone diseases, especially in women.

benefits of dates
5. Health health

Rich in potassium, dates are very good for preventing strokes and other heart diseases. Studies show that when you soak dates overnight and the crush and eat them, they help strengthen weak hearts.

If you haven’t been excited about dates before, you now have a lot of reasons to add it to your daily meals.

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